Wednesday, July 3, 2013


In honor of this season which finds us being reminded of our freedom and what this country means to us all, we bring you images of flags that photo collectors have submitted.  Even when the flag is photographed in black and white, it has a power to evoke memories of fireworks, pledges of allegiance in schools, camp grounds, and sometimes death.  For many people, it is a potent symbol of the might of our country and pride for what we stand for as a nation.  It can be a polarizing image and an image which unites us as Americans. It represents many things to many people.  We threw in one Confederate flag to keep you on your toes~   Happy Fourth!

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An animation of a stereo view
Nicholas Osborn

Albert Tanquero

John Foster

Jim Hanelius

Joel Rotenberg

Jim Linderman

Nigel Maister

Maria DiElsi

Pat Street

Jim Radke

Robert E. Jackson

Ron Slattery

Glenn Vogel

Janet West

Bob Young

Sarah Bryan

Todd Wemmer