Sunday, February 24, 2013


Guns fascinate people. As an object that typifies America, they are up there with cars, TV sets, and cell phones.  They are an integral feature of noir films, and play a major role in movie Westerns.  In snapshots they can be evocatively displayed as a piece of sculpture, be scary toys, seen as emblems of macho behavior by soldiers, and are proudly displayed in many hunting scenes.  After the cloying sweetness of Valentine’s Day, it is time to get back to reality, so here are some amazing examples of gun photos as brought to you by fellow snapshot collectors.  You can find biographies of the collectors contributing photos here.

Clare Goldsmith

Erin Waters

Jim Hanelius

John Foster

Mark Glovsky

Tom Deupree

 Robert E. Jackson

Mark Rotenberg

Pat Street

Mark Sullo

John Van Noate

Marianne Clancy

 Joel Rotenberg

 John Toohey

Robert Young

Sabine Ocker

Philip Storey

Nigel Maister

Jim Radke