Wednesday, March 31, 2010


House of Mirth Photos is holding it's first giveway! Win a signed edition of American Photobooth by Nakki Goranin, a  limited edition 17" x 22" poster for the book, or a $25 Gift Certificate to my website    There will be three winners and the first selected gets first choice, etc.  Here's how to enter:
  1. Comment below telling me about the last photo you bought.
  2. Follow this blog.
  3. Follow me on Twitter @houseofmirthpix
Choose all three and be entered three times!   Winners will be selected on Thursday, April 8th.   Good luck!


  1. I have purchased so many photos over the past few years, I am having a hard time remembering the last one. Most were bought for my gallery, Studio 19, and most were the work of young women photographers from around the world. But one that comes to mind is the one that hangs on the wall next to my desk. It is an image by Caryn Drexl. She is one of my favorite photographers. I think she has a gift.

  2. Can't say what was the last one since I bought a group of photos at a flea market. But the group includes: 2 snapshots where the photographer let their finger get into the shot. Several snaps of people with cameras. One fabulous close up of a guy grinning; a distant shot of the Statue of Liberty taken on a ferry; a color photo of a girl reprimanding her toy alligator; a square B&W snapshot of a woman's feet entering a room/building with small hexagonal tiles.

  3. The last photo I bought was actually two photos: one of a Sioux warrior and the other of a view of the sky above the clouds. Both were amazing.

  4. Last photo of note that I purchased was a Portrait of President and Mrs. Nixon Yousuf Karsh
    currently for sale at our shop.
    Jim Episale
    Unshredded Nostalgia

  5. The last photo I purchased was on Sunday. It's titled "Our Trees".

    I don't Twitter, but I do follow you on my Google reader. I don't need to be entered in the give-away since I already own this great book. Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. Keep up the great work!

  6. The last photo I bought was an unexpected find. I bought an old book at a tag sale, and when I got it home, a cool old photo fell out. It looks like a photo of a cast of a stage play. Super cool.

    Your blog is fab Stacy!

  7. The last photo I bought (today) has the following details w/i 3.5 x 3.5" - the corner of a room, a speaker hanging with a cowboy hat, rubber ears, fake glasses and a moustache, a tie hanging from it with an image of what looks like Joan Blondell, smoking a cig and sporting a black eye; a bird cage with a parakeet on top; a fold down desk with faux brick paper at the bottom and 4 tiny gnomes hanging from the drawer; a radio, rabbit ear antenna, a 45 r.p.m. record box with headphones on it; wallpaper with a record player, shoes, radio on a desk, pennant, juke box & roller skates, a bulletin board, a diploma, a clock; and off to the side the neck and head of a guitar... on the back in sloppy handwriting it says "See parakeet on top of cage See the cowboy speaker with rubber ears" Unfortunately it's not dated, but looks like early 50's...

  8. Stacy!! Looks GREAT! Good luck with the giveaway :)
    The last photo I bought was last week at the ECA Gallery. We have an exhibit by Paul Yandoli, a great photographer from Easthampton, which runs through next week. I bought his photo of an old door in Hadley...reminds me of my Grandparent's house.

  9. Last photo I bought was a trick photo of a man in a chair with his body one way and his head another.

  10. The last photo, actually photos, I bought I found at a community garage sale in a small rural NC town. It's held at an equestrian center and everyone rents stalls to sell their junk. I found some photos taken in the 1930s by a woman photographer named Beam, who lived in South Carolina and raised Saint Bernards and some type of white terrier (possibly scottie or westie). My favorite of the photos shows a little girl in a fancy dog cart hitched to the Saint Bernard. She is holding a terrier. Beautiful photo. Another photo shows a Saint Bernard perched in a Mission chair. What a fun find to add to my dog collection!
    Laurel, celebrating the love of dogs at

  11. I think the last photo I bought was one from you, a tattooed 50s rockabilly wannabe bodybuilder, posing beside his souped-up roadster. I love vernacular pictures that capture the mood of a certain period in time.

  12. The last photo I bought was a studio portrait from eBay which was described as a 'Vintage 1920s photo - Irish couple with bad thoughts'. How could I resist? The image shows the grumpiest, most sour couple imaginable. They well dressed pair are staring angrily at the camera. On the back is written the following caption 'Miko Kelly and wife Photograph taken in Ireland'. The seller was in the United States so this couple either emigrated or sent the grim photo to someone who had. The studio was in Galway and called Simmons and I was happy repatriate this dour pair.
    Keep up the great work!

  13. Winners! 1st prize: Laurel Hunt
    2nd prize: David Chow
    3rd prize: An Open Book/Brooks Peters